The Flying Lantern

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

It has been a fantasy of mine to light a lantern , but never got a chance. Last week ,one day I saw this advertisement for a lantern event. It was organized with an intention to send 1,00,000 lanterns into the sky. Anyways, I registered in it along with a few friends of mine.

So finally the evening of lanterns came. We started from our office to the spot. The road, which usually bustled with vehicles was now filled with people. The scene was nothing like I had imagined though. First of all, there weren’t one Lakh lanterns as they had targeted. Hardly 500. Second, there was no ground allocated for the event to be held. So we were supposed to just stand by the side of a busy road and light the lantern. Sounds funny, but there was enough security , in case something happens.

Anyways, finally after a hell lot of stampede ,we got our lanterns from one of the stalls.
To our surprise there was an extra lantern. Now we just have to light it. But where?
There was hardly any space to stand. So we decided to go to the divider in the middle of
the road. On an ordinary day ,this would have rent you a place in prison. But not today.


We started lighting the first lantern. By the time it got fully lit, there was enough crowd in the divider and I could hardly stand.

Finally the lantern was lit and the pressure was building up in it.Once it had enough pressure, I just loosened my hold in it . It started to rise. Now we know it is ready to fly. So we gently loosened our hands from it. The lantern slowly rose, slightly wavering in the wind. I was little curious, hoping it wouldn’t fall. It did not. It just kept on rising and soon joined the other lanterns, all floating gracefully through the sky.

Such a wonderful sight !!! 🙂